Putting Myself Out There, Kindness, and Yoga for Writers

Here it is, my first newsletter! Love, Darcy

Welcome friends to my first newsletter!

This week I decided to go outside my comfort zone and submit my writing to a major publication. Every time I do this, I feel really nervous and full of self-doubt. (Do you ever feel that way?)

I’ll let you know when I get my rejection letter (or who knows, maybe even some good news) from The Washington Post’s On Parenting.

Last time I queried a big publication, it paid off. The Jewish Forward said yes immediately to publishing my essay about my attempts to pass on Jewish culture to my daughter Tzivia, outside of any Jewish community. They published it, paid me, and then 4 weeks later, I was free to self-publish it on Medium!

My Kid is Amazing!

My 5-year-old daughter Tzivia drew this self-portrait. Lately her art is full of arrows and movement and “magic machines.”

Kindness For the Win!

This week, I also wrote my debut piece for Agnes Louis’s Medium publication Warm Hearts. Warm Hearts is devoted to stories of kindness! I wrote about the kindness Medium writer Shannon Ashley showed my family. All week, my daughter has been rocking new clothes — including sparkly light-up shoes — from the box Shannon and her daughter sent us. Feeling so much love! Let’s all pass it on!

My Old Writing Went Viral!

A piece I wrote in February just became my most-viewed writing ever. 53,000 people have viewed my story about Married Red Pill on Medium. My writing is the top hit on Google, above the actual misogynist subreddit I wrote about!

A podcast host just interviewed me about the story, feminism, and Red Pill; and I’ll let you know when the podcast comes out!

Yoga for Writers!

I’ve written before about the impact the Yoga with Adriene’s free YouTube videos have on my life. Well, my husband and I are still doing yoga together!

I have complex feelings about yoga, lots of thoughts and questions about cultural appropriation. (See Nisha Mody’s Why I Love and Hate Yoga as a Hindu for more on that!) But I also know the positive effects these videos have on my life cannot be understated, and that is why I want to share.

Adriene comes out with a new video every Sunday, and this week’s was called Yoga for Writers. Recommended!

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